HertaBerkSchwein Farms is family owned and operated!


   Our farm started as a family desire to raise healthy, non-medicated pigs for our own consumption.
    With the help of a veteran Hereford farmer and who, after 17 years of researching and raising pigs, we now produce some of the most consistent, highest quality natural pork in the industry according to the many top Chefs that purchase our pork.
    Palmetto Creek Farms natural pork is produced the way nature intended, without artificial enhancers, preservatives, chemicals, or added moisture or fat as much of the pork on the market has been altered.
    Our specially fed, genetically superior pork stands at the top on its own merit.  No further processing, tenderizer or added ingredients are required.
    Our pork is like the pork your grandfather might have raised but better. 


Our Goal

 We want to provide you our customer with the best pork you will ever have on your fork.  We do this in several ways like reducing stress on our animals by the way they live and are managed by us.
    Our hogs have a good amount of human interaction in a very positive way.  Our animals are always treated with care and respect.
    When we enter a pen of our hogs, they normally come to us for a friendly scratch on the back or head.   In some instances when we need to move the pigs into the barn to care for them, we open the gate, and they follow us out of their pen instead of us herding them into the barn.